Be True to Your Design

Updated: Jul 28, 2019

True to your Style.

One voice we use is our statement of style. Our creativity is the design structure of personal expression. A uniquely simple statement of style can speak to where we're coming from.

Wear Your Feel

Fashion fades. Trends lose appeal. Only your personal style in design remains. True to self, your style journey extends to dresses, tops, tunics, pants, accessories, textures, and colors. School, work, business, meetings, brunch, dinner or that special occasion provide opportunities and challenges to your design. As self-designers we either mix and match pieces from various sources, or search for the rare online site that will animate our design mode. The quest that inspires.

Does This Look Good On Me?

Yes, it does! - If it works with your build. Within style essentials are a lot of other how-to's and don't do's. Certain designs seem to either rev up or bring down our 'flavor'. There are reasons why we say, "I like the way this looks on me." Or, "That outfit looked great on her. Why doesn't it work on me?" Head-encircling questions assault our style assurance. What to wear?!

If your body beauty is statuesque with chest, waist and hips somewhat the same size, all designs appreciate you.

Convex Beauty

Your convex beauty combines a chest and hips that are less full than your waist. You want a loose fit with non-clinging fabrics. Lavish tunics and dresses, and possibly an empire waist are your go-to. While you avoid gathers and tucks, you can position even tailored trousers under flowing tops. Darker hues give you an admirable silhouette.

Upwardly Bountiful

Upwardly Bountiful

The exquisite facets of a full chest, narrow waist and narrow hips crave style that balances. Choose designs that flare towards your hips. Or even fashion a full one-piece dress. Worth adopting are waistline gathers and sleeves that are fuller towards the wrist. These style traits add volume to your lower build.

The 'hour glass' figure of a full chest, narrow waist and full hips has it's own balance. A number of styles drape favorably upon your build. You can usually choose your style impression with few limitations.

Finally, if you're petite in stature be careful with a lot of fabric that tends to smother you within its folds.

Feel right with what you wear. Wear your true design.

Rabia Hasan is a fashion enthusiast who makes her home in the San Francisco Bay Area and is the proprietor of AnNisa Designs.

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